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Famillinux, professional website home service for the promotion of open source software-based CMS "CMSimple".

Art Ballon, a commercial site designed by balloon decorator designed from scratch.
Both the graphic theme effects zoom, scroll, modules guestbook and inquiry have been fully developed for the activity.

Oldbikers, portal developed a motorcycle club on the CMS "Guppy" without database. Some plugins such as weather or cat have been added. The theme has been adapted to the context.

Parsix-fr, french forum of "Parsix" distribution based on the forum "Cool Forum Portal" using MySQL. A photo gallery "house" was built to capture and backgrounds.
The color palette was taken from the official website.

PhotosLaurent, commercial website a professional photographer powered by "CMSimple".
The graphical theme and purchasing module has been developed for the activity.

Plumes et petales, personal blog of a passionate fauna and flora using Script Host

RememberMuseum, showcase a military museum ASBL 39-45 powered by CMS "CMSimple". A specific graphic theme was created to match the context.
The gallery script "SimpleViewer" is used to browse the museum.